Get Ready for 2024!

From Linz to London, Enschede, Krems, Stockholm to Malta and all the way to Hamburg last year, our global journey continues with the 11th edition of StripeCon Europe! We're heading back to Ljubljana, where one of our memorable editions already took place.

Mark your calendars:

  1. September 19-20, 2024
  2. Ljubljana Castle

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What is StripeCon?

Welcome to the heartbeat of European Silverstripe world! This is where development meets community.

Join us for a two-day event where Developers, Software Engineers, and Tech Students gather to share ideas, explore interesting case studies, and dive into the the details of Silverstripe best practices. It's a dynamic forum where every participant has a seat at the table to contribute, learn, and explore the forefront of Silverstripe innovation.

Who is attending

Whether you're a seasoned Dev, a curious Software Engineer, or a Tech Student eager to explore, join us in creating a memorable blend of learning, sharing, and enjoying the collective passion for development.

Business Leaders and Marketing Experts

Top professionals driving business and marketing innovation.

Silverstripe Devs

professionals shaping success stories with adept utilization of Silverstripe

Software Engineers

agile minds open to sharing and continual learning

Tech students

young tech enthusiasts, ready to share and absorb


the engine behind our community's buzzing initiatives

Meet our speakers

Guy Sartorelli

Guy Sartorelli

Silverstripe Ltd.

tea slika

Tea Gobec


cropped elliot sawyer headshot webp to jpg converter

Elliot Sawyer

Wellington, NZ


Werner Krauss


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